Private Mortgages

Private Mortgages offer a fantastic alternative to traditional banks when it comes to sourcing finance for a residential, construction, business or commercial purposes.

AIH sources the very latest rates from a wide range of reputable lenders, helping you to quickly access the funds required to complete your purchase! One Lender in particular AIH has dealt with for over 26 years.

Rather than trying to squeeze every customer into a very rigid set of acceptable criteria, our private mortgage lenders will assess each case based on its individual merits, significantly improving your chances of acceptance at a highly competitive rate.

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How Much Can I Borrow from Private Mortgage Lenders?

Using our extensive panel of lenders, Australian Investment House can successfully negotiate private mortgages up to the value of $5M+, spanning a maximum term of 30 years. Customers can borrow up to 80% LVR (loan to value ratio) depending on the security type, location and income evidence.

Deciding how much to borrow and how to structure your new facility is a hugely important decision to make when it comes to any credit agreement. Your personal finance professional will be able to explain the various options to you, presenting a range of lenders which are most likely to suit your circumstances.

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What Do Private Mortgage Lenders Base Their Decision On?

Unlike banks which tend to base their lending decisions around income verification, time/type of employment, security location, your credit rating, etc. Private Mortgage Lenders have a far more flexible lending criteria and policies; understanding that persons have “bumps along the way”.

Whilst a self-employed business owner may have only been trading for a short period of time or perhaps has an income which varies significantly ‘year in-year out’, this doesn't mean that they should be seen as an additional risk when it comes to obtaining a mortgage.

Private mortgage lenders take a pragmatic, individualistic approach to lending, meaning that even those who have been turned down elsewhere may qualify for finance with them.

As Queensland's number one mortgage broker for a major non-bank lender, AIH have Private Lenders located Australia-wide to suit a host of different financial requirements, including:

  • Property Development Projects
  • Owner Builders
  • Construction Loans
  • Renovation Loans
  • Land Loans
  • Bridging Loans
  • ATO Taxation & BAS Debts
  • Unpaid Defaults & Judgements
  • Unlimited “Cash Out”
  • Non-Resident Loans

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No matter what your personal circumstances, AIH can help you to find a suitable selection of ideal private mortgage lenders for your residential, business or commercial needs.

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