Migrants & Expats

Each year, thousands of Australian's make the decision to relocate abroad, be it for business or lifestyle reasons.

Whilst it's always an incredibly exciting time for anyone looking to start afresh in a different country, uncertainties over foreign property rates lead many expats and migrants to invest in the stable Australian market instead.

Although this can prove to be a shrewd move financially, it does raise a number of additional obstacles during the application process - ones which the team at Australian Investment House can help you to overcome, first time.

Whether you're moving abroad and looking to keep the property for family staying behind or plan to lease out, our friendly team of professional advisers can help you to save huge amounts of time and money, by sourcing the very best rates from our esteemed panel of more than 60 lenders!

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How Much Can I Borrow As A Migrant Or Expat?

Your status as an Australian citizen, resident or foreign national plays a pivotal role in the amount that can be borrowed from our lenders using an expat home loan.

Australian citizens living and working abroad paid in a foreign currency

95% LVR* + LMI** up to 97% LVR

Australian citizens working overseas paid in AUD

95% LVR* + LMI** up to 97% LVR

Australian citizens and foreign spouse living and working abroad

95% LVR* + LMI** up to 97% LVR

Australian Permanent Visa Resident living and working overseas

95% LVR* + LMI** up to 97% LVR

Australian Temporary Visa Resident living and working overseas

90% LVR* including LMI**


 Note: Migrant and Expat Lending Policies are subject to change without notice.

*Loan to Value Ratio    **Lenders Mortgage Insurance

Our drive to deliver outstanding customer service on every occasion sees a huge percentage of our customers returning as they look to expand their portfolios whilst abroad.

Of course, your residential status won't be the only defining factor in your loan application which is why you'll be assigned a personal Finance Professional who specialises in both migrant and expat home loans. Your free initial consultation will help us to begin the process of establishing which lenders are likely to represent the best value for money for your property funding needs.

Get in touch with Australian Investment House today using our quick enquiry form, or call a member of the team direct on +61 7 5527 9911 and find out why so many International clients use AIH’s Professional Services. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

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