Low Doc Loans

A Low, Lite or Alternative Doc Loan is a borrowing option designed for self-employed applicants who, for whatever reason, are unable to provide current taxation returns to satisfy the stringent income verification requirements of Full Documentation loans.

Income evidence can be provided by a number of alternative income sources, either;
  1. An Accountants Income Declaration, or
  2. Last 12 months BAS Statements, or
  3. Last 6 months Business Trading Account Statements
With Low, Lite or Alternative Doc Loans being a large segment of the market for Self-Employed clients, knowing who to approach for your specific requirements is essential. AIH specialise in this market and can also assist with specific niche requirements, such as;
  1. Mortgage Arrears
  2. Taxation and BAS Debts
  3. Unpaid Credit File Defaults, Judgments, etc.
  4. Discharged Bankrupts
  5. Owner Builders
  6. Property Developers

Residential Low Doc Loans

Borrow up to 100% LVR – Business purposes only

Loan up to $5,000,000

Interest only payments up to five years

Residential security accepted

Borrow up to 90% LVR – Residential purposes

Available term of up to 30 years

Commercial Low Doc Loans

Borrow up to 75% LVR – only the current BAS is required

Residential, commercial and industrial security accepted

Loan up to $5,000,000

Interest only payments up to five years

Available term of up to 25 years

Commercial Lease Doc Loans

Borrow up to 70% LVR

Only income verification requirement is the existing lease to service the facility

Use commercial property that is leased as your security

Loan up to $5,000,000

Available term up to 5 years

Applicants with adverse credit files considered

Commercial No Doc Loans

NO income verification required

Commercial & industrial security accepted only

Interest only payments up to 7 years

Loan up to $1,000,000

Maximum loan term of 25 years

Borrow up to 65%

Is A Low Doc Loan Right For Me?

It's never been more important to speak to a qualified Licenced Finance Professional before making an application for a Low Doc Loan thanks to the stringent qualifying criteria that many financial institutions have put into practice.

Having helped thousands of Australians to secure their loan successfully, the first time, we can help to save you a great deal of time, effort, and ultimately, money, by assessing your individual requirements.

Your low doc loan expert will always be on hand to answer any questions you may have throughout the process of getting you the funds you need, but it all starts with the first step of a free consultation. Get in touch today using our online enquiry form or call a Finance Professional direct on 1300 313 930!

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