Equipment Finance

Our lenders bring a broad selection of financial products offering everything from low doc car loans to commercial hire purchase, giving us the scope to match your needs.

Whether you're looking to add a new vehicle, truck, earth moving equipment or office fitout for your company in order to aid growth or simply wish to replace expensive, out of date machinery, Australian Investment House has access to a huge panel of equipment finance lenders to help keep your business expanding and operational.

Their flexible repayment terms have seen us help thousands of self-employed clients secure their equipment finance quickly and professionally.

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What Equipment Finance Packages Are Available?

Australian Investment House can search lenders offering the three central equipment finance options which are available on the market today – Finance Lease, Commercial Loan (Chattel Mortgage), and Commercial Hire Purchase.

All three options will see you receive full access to the tools, equipment or vehicles that you need for your business and all three options are available under the following terms:

  • Loans from $15,000
  • Repayment terms of between 1 and 5 years
  • Fixed payments / Fixed rates
  • Revolving limits available
  • Balloon or residual value offered

A Finance Lease sees your lender purchase and own the required asset at your request and rent it back to you for an agreed period. As an added bonus, the rental payments are generally tax deductible*.

Commercial Loans, also known as Chattel Mortgages, give you complete ownership over your asset and the funds you receive are secured against the purchased equipment. The interest on the finance and depreciation of the asset are both usually tax deductible*.

A Commercial Hire Purchase allows lenders to purchase the necessary equipment on your behalf and then sell it to you over an agreed period of time in instalments. They retain ownership until the full amount has been paid, at which point it is legally transferred over to you. The interest on the finance and depreciation of the asset are generally both tax deductible*.

*We recommend customers seek their own independent tax advice as this will not apply to all circumstances

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